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Saturday, April 6, 2013

[Anarchy] Ways To Send A Car To Hell

Ways to send a car to Hell            by The Jolly Roger

There are 1001 ways to destroy a car but I am going to cover only 
the ones that are the most fun (for you), the most destructive 
(for them), and the hardest to trace (for the cops). 

- Place thermite on the hood, light it, and watch it burn all the 
way through the pavement!

- Tape a CO2 bomb to the hood, axel, gas tank, wheel, muffler, 

- Put a tampon, dirt, sugar (this one is good!), a ping pong ball, 
or just about anything that will dissolve in the gas tank.

- Put potatoes, rocks, banannas, or anything that will fit, into 
the tailpipe. Use a broom handle to stuff 'em up into the 

- Put a long rag into the gas tank and light it...

- Steal a key, copy it, replace it, and then steal the stereo.

- Break into the car. Cut a thin metal ruler into a shape like 
             |  |
             |  |
             |  |
             | <

Slide it into the outside window and keep pulling it back up until 
you catch the lock cable which should unlock the door. This device 
is also called a SLIM JIM. Now get the stereo, equalizer, radar 
detector, etc. Now destroy the inside. (A sharp knife does wonders 
on the seats!)

Have Fun!                                    -Jolly Roger-


[Anarchy] Way To Rip Off Coke Machines


   Here is a way to rip off the
coke machines you see out side of stores and other places!
ok first on all vending machines
there are always those rouund almost unpickable locks
when no one is looking take a peice
of air hardening clayy (make sure it is only air hardening!)
and press it into the lock real good!
then remove the clay carefully and put it somewhere to dry!
make sure the clay is TOTALY dry
then go back in a day or so
and you will have a key to fit that lock
put the key in and push and turn
and presto the machine will open
allowing you to take all the money!
a good machine will get you between
2100 and 300 dollars depending when
it was last checked by the company.
and best of all if someone sees
you just put the key on the ground
and step on it and its powder!
and then you cant be busted because
the evidence is blown away!
so that's it and if anyone has any good schemes, write a file on them
 and add to the Mystery Note collection.

    This was one of many GREAT Mystery Notes at:

                 The Mystery Zone

[Anarchy] Unlisted Phone Numbers

Unlisted Phone Numbers                          by The Jolly Roger

There are a couple of different ways of doing this. Let's see if 
this one will help: Every city has one or more offices dedicated 
to assigning numbers to the telephone wire pairs. These offices 
are called DPAC offices and are available to service reps who are 
installing or repairing phones. To get the DPAC number, a service 
rep would call the customer service number for billing information 
in the town that the number is located in that he is trying to get 
the unlisted number of. (Got that?) The conversation would go 
something like this: "Hi, Amarillo, this is Joe from Anytown 
business office, I need the DPAC number for the south side of 
town." This info is usually passed out with no problems, so... if 
the first person you call doesn't have it, try another. REMEMBER, 
no one has ANY IDEA who the hell you are when you are talking on 
the phone, so you can be anyone you damn well please! (heheheheh!) 
When you call the DPAC number, just tell them that you need a 
listing for either the address that you have, or the name. DPAC 
you're going to make a habit of chasing numbers down, you might 
want to check into geting a criss-cross directory, which lists 
phone numbers by their addresses. It costs a couple-a-hundred bux, 
but it is well worth it if you have to chase more than one or two 
numbers down!                                -Jolly Roger-


[Anarchy] Sub Anarchy

         Chapter Four: Sub Anarchy

           Aside from the themes outlined above, there are many other
         forms of Anarchial behavior. Some people are specialists  in
         one area like  Pyromaniacs or  Assasins. Others  tend to  be
         less proficient in a wider range of areas. For those of  you
         who are specialists, SPEAK UP! There are many people who are
         hungry  for  material  which  you  could  provide  from  yer
         experiance. Those of you who don't even bother and are  just
         reading thiss phyle for  entertainment.."FUCK OFF!" I  don't
         have time for pussies... I  would suggest that you find  out
         what yer specific  interests are and  persue them.  Whatever
         yer topic is,  there iz a  G-phyle on it  somewhere..believe
         me! If you  are not sure  where yer skills  lie, then  start
         small until you  find them.  I know yer  all probably  sayin
         "C'mon, get on  with it  asshole!" So,  here we  go......the
         final section.

[Anarchy] Stinkum

			 Software Pirates Incorporated      

	Ever wanted to clear out a hallway, stink up a classroom(just hope
your not in it), maybe even take revenge on the principal for all those 
detentions...well here's your chance.
	Stinkum is the classic stink bomb but nastier. Here's how to make it:
Get some iron sulfide, sold for about $.35 for only 1/8th of an ounce. Even 
better and easier than that is ammonium sulfide; it stinks to high heaven 
like rotten eggs and no one can stand to be around it once it has been 
"accidentally" spilled on the floor or "accidentally" vaporized by an explo-
	To make some, you mix 4 ozs. of sulfer with 8 ozs. of hydrated lime
in a stew pot. Hydrated lime can be bought from a building supply store for
about $.10 a pound. A quart of water is added and the mess is heated and
stirred until the sulfer has completely blended. The hydrated lime will sink
to the bottom of the pan and the yellow liquid is then poured off into a 
	Take the bucket outside, unless of course u enjoy the smell, and add
one pound of sulfate of ammonia(bought at a garden store for $1.65). Stir it
for a minute and hold your nose. Then cover the bucket with plastic wrap and
let it set for a half hour. Then pour off the liquid slowly through a cloth
filter into a bottle. The liquid is vile but not poison. 
	It can be poured on the floor, shot from a water gun, thrown in a
bottle or lightbulb, or vaporized by a firecracker.

							SUB-ZER0 [SPi]


[Anarchy] Shopping Center Antics

by The Trooper

This is a very small list, so there's not much here. More parts will be

Get bored in shopping centers? Well bud, this file is for you!

-1- At home make yellow signs like:

     /\             /\
   /    \         /    \
 /  GEEK  \     /  NAZI  \
<    ON    >   <    ON    >
 \ BOARD! /     \ BOARD! /
   \    /         \    /
     \/             \/

And tape them on people's back car windows in the parking lot.

-2- Put Crazy Glue on escalator steps.

-3- Put fake blood on a steak knife, and leave it an elevator.

-4- Toss fake spiders in an elevator

-5- Put tons of play money in a brown paper bag, and leave it on a seat in the
eating hall.

-6- Instead, dump the money over a balcony.

-7- Put itching powder on the toilet paper, and roll it back up.

-8- Rub crazy glue over toilet seat until you can't notice that it's there.

-9- Draw a porno picture on a big piece of paper, roll it and wrap it up. Pit
poster and price tag sticker on it, and put it in the shelf with the other
ers at some store.

-10- Bring a porno program to computer store, boot the disk and get the hell
ta there!


[Anarchy] Recognizing Credit Cards

Recognizing credit cards                        by the Jolly Roger

  [Sample: American Express]
      MM/Y1 THRU MM/Y2       Y1
      John Doe               AX

The first date is the date the person got the card, the second
date is the expriation date, after the expiration date is the same
digits in the first year.The American Express Gold has many more
numbers (I think 6 8 then 8). If you do find a Gold card keep it
for it has a $5000.00 backup even when the guy has no money!

[Sample: Master Card]
   John Doe.

The format varies, I have never seen a card that did not start with
a 5XXX there is another 4 digits on the next line that is sometimes
asked for when ordering stuff, (and rarely a 3 digit letter combo
(e. ANB). The first date is the date the person got the card
and the second date is the expiration date.
Master Card is almost always accepted at stores.
[Sample: VISA]
   John Doe

Visa is the most straight forward
of the cards,for it has the name right on the card itself, again the
first date is the date he got the card and the second is the
expiration date. (Sometimes the first date is left out). The
numbers can eather be 4 3 3 3 or 4 4 4 4. Visa is also almost always
accepted at stores, therefore, the best of cards to use.

[Anarchy] Picking Master Locks

Picking Master Locks                            by The Jolly Roger

Have you ever tried to impress someone by picking one of those 
Master combination locks and failed?

The Master lock company made their older combination locks with a 
protection scheme.  If you pull the handle too hard, the knob will 
not turn.  That was their biggest mistake.

The first number:

Get out any of the Master locks so you know what is going on.  
While pulling on the clasp (part that springs open when you get 
the combination right), turn the knob to the left until it will 
not move any more, and add five to the number you reach.  You now 
have the first number of the combination.

The second number:

Spin the dial around a couple of times, then go to the first 
number you got.  Turn the dial to the right, bypassing the first 
number once.  When you have bypassed the first number, start 
pulling on the clasp and turning the knob.  The knob will 
eventually fall into the groove and lock.  While in the groove, 
pull the clasp and turn the knob.  If the knob is loose, go to the 
next groove, if the knob is stiff, you have the second number of 
the combination.

The third number:

After getting the second number, spin the dial, then enter the two 
numbers.  Slowly spin the dial to the right, and at each number, 
pull on the clasp.  The lock will eventually open if you did the 
process right.  

This method of opening Master locks only works on older models.  
Someone informed Master of their mistake, and they employed a new 
mechanism that is foolproof (for now).


[Anarchy] Phone Related Vandalism

Phone related vandalism                     by the Jolly Roger

If you live where there are underground lines then you will be 
able to ruin someone's phone life very easily. All you must do is 
go to their house and find the green junction box that interfaces 
their line (and possibly some others in the neighborhood) with the 
major lines. These can be found just about anywhere but they are 
usually underneath the nearest phone pole. Take a socket wrench 
and loosen the nut on the right. Then just take clippers or a 
sledge hammer or a bomb and destroy the insides and pull up their 
phone cable. Now cut it into segments so it can't be fixed but 
must be replaced (There is a week's worth of work for 'em!!)
                                      -Jolly Roger-


[Anarchy] Phone Dial Locks

Phone Dial Locks -- How to Beat'em      courtesy of the Jolly Roger

    Have you ever been in an office or somewhere and wanted to make a free phone
call but some asshole put a lock on the phone to prevent out-going calls? Fret
no more phellow phreake, for every system can be beaten with a little knowledge!

    There are two ways to beat this obstacle, first pick the lock, I don't have
the time to teach locksmithing so we go to the second method which takes 
advantage of telephone electronics.

    To be as simple as possibnle when you pick up the phone you complete a 
circuit known as a local loop. When you hang up you break the circuit.  When
you dial (pulse) it also breaks the circuit but not long enough to hang up! So 
you can "Push-dial."  To do this you >>> RAPIDLY <<< depress the switchhook.
For example, to dial an operator (and then give her the number you want to call)
>>> RAPIDLY <<< & >>> EVENLY <<< depress the switchhook 10 times.  To dial
634-1268, depress 6 X'S pause, then 3 X'S, pause, then 4X'S, etc.  It takes a
little practice but you'll get the hang of it.  Try  practicing with your own #
so you'll get a busy tone when right.  It'll also work on touch-tone(tm) since
a DTMF line will also accept pulse.  Also, never depress the switchhook for
more than a second or it'll hang up!

    Finally, remember that you have just as much right to that phone as the
asshole who put the lock on it!

                 (From the Official Phreaker's Guide)


[Anarchy] Nicotine

Nicotine                                      by the Jolly Roger

     Nicotine is an abundant poison. Easily found in tobacco 
products, in concentrated form a few drops can quickly kill 
someone. Here is how to concentrate it:

     First get a can of chewing tobacco or pipe tobacco. Remove 
the contents and soak in water overnight in a jar (about 2/3 cup 
of water will do...). In the morning, strain into another jar the 
mixture through a porous towel. Then wrap the towel around the 
ball of tobacco and squeeze it until all of the liquid is in the 
jar. Throw away the tobacco--you will not need it anymore.

     Now you have two options. I recommend the first. It makes the 
nicotine more potent.
     1) Allow to evaporate until a sticky syrup results in the 
jar. This is almost pure nicotine (hell, it is pure enough for 
     2) Heat over low flame until water is evaporated and a thick 
sticky syrup results (I don't know how long it takes... shouldn't 
take too long, though.).

     Now all you have to do, when you wish to use it, is to put 
a few drops in a medicine dropper or equivalent, and slip about 4 
or 5 drops into the victim's coffee. Coffee is recommended since it 
will disguise the taste. Since nicotine is a drug, the victim 
should get quite a buzz before they turn their toes up to the 
daisies, so to speak.

     Note: If the syrup is too sticky, dilute it with a few drops 
of water. And while you are at it, better add an extra drop to the 
coffee just to be sure!

                  ----------------Jolly Roger


[Anarchy] More Ways To Send A Car To Hell

More Ways to Send a Car to Hell                 by The Jolly Roger

Due to a lot of compliments, I have written an update to file #14.
I have left the original intact. This expands upon the original 
idea, and could be well called a sequal. -----JR

How to have phun with someone else's car.  If you really detest
someone, and I mean detest, here's a few tips on what to do in your
spare time.  Move the windshield wiper blades, and insert and glue
tacks.  The tacks make lovely designs.  If your "friend" goes to
school with you, Just before he comes out of school.  Light a lighter
and then put it directly underneath his car door handle.
Wait...Leave...Listen.  When you hear a loud "shit!", you know he
made it to his car in time.  Remove his muffler and pour approximately
1 Cup of gas in it. Put the muffler back, then wait till their car starts.
Then you have a cigarette lighter.  A 30 foot long cigarette lighter.
This one is effective, and any fool can do it.  Remove the top
air filter. That's it!  Or a oldie but goodie: sugar in the gas tank.
Stuff rags soaked in gas up the exhaust pipe.  Then you wonder why
your "friend" has trouble with his/her lungs.  Here's one that takes
time and many friends.  Take his/her car then break into their house
and reassemble it, in their living or bedroom.  Phun eh?  If you're
into engines, say eeni mine moe and point to something and remove it.
They wonder why something doesn't work. There are so many others, but
the real good juicy ones come by thinking hard.

                                    -----------Jolly Roger


[Anarchy] Making Bank At A Change Machine

                         Making Bank at a Change Machine

What you need:

 - one $5 bill
 - one $1 bill
 - transparent (scotch) tape

Here's What to Do:

 - Tape the $1 and $5 bills together, end to end, reversed, so that the $5 is
   facing into the machine properly, but the $1 is backwards.

 - Tape the bills end to end, without them overlapping.You essentially want
   to have one long bill

 - Deposit your "bill" into a change machine and walk away w/ $5 in quarters,
   as well as your original bills.

How This Actually Works:

The machine accepts your $5 bill, giving you change. It then attempts to
confiscate your $1 bill, only to find it is backwards. Because it is
incorrectly placed in the machine, it spits the bill back out, with your $5
attached. At the worst, the two bills will separate, and you will lose
the $5 bill, but you will have $5 in quarters, so you will break even.

Note: Some newer machines have alarms on them that can notice the original
bill is not deposited. This is illegal in every state, and most countries
too! Special Thanx to the Pink Panther for this brilliant idea.

[Anarchy] Lock Opening By Impressioning

   | Presenting...                   |
   |  Lock Opening by Impressioning  |
   | Written by: The Druid           |
   | A Brick In The Wall Production  |

What the hell is lock impressioning? For one thing it is a way of cracking
a lock without the hassle of picks and tension levers. Impressionning is a
way of making a master key that can be used over and over again. How? Let
me explain...

1 pair of pliers
1 blank key
1 rat tail (or similar) file.

How? (hmm... good question.)

1) Take a candle light it and hold the blank key above it until it is
coated with soot.

2) Using your stealth sneak up to the door you want to crack. Then insert
the blank key into the lock.

3) Using the pliers twist the key left and right with alot of pressure.
Make sure not to damage the key.

4) Bring the key home. Notice how the pressure rubbed away the soot and
left indentions in the key. Using the file file down the areas where the
markings are. You may have to impression the key once or twice more untill
the key works.

  Wham! you now have a key that will fit the lock over and over again. Use
  it to break into homes, schools, warehouses, stores and other places.

[Anarchy] Jolly Roger's Cookbook Version III

 #~<>->>Jolly Roger's Cookbook Version III Dated 11/09/1990!!!<<-<>~#

Hello! Welcome to the Jolly Roger's Cookbook III! I hope that 
this collection of text files has enough info to keep you hackers 
busy for awhile (at least until the next update!). As I gather 
information I will keep adding it and uploading it to my "home 
base" bbs's in different cities with additional numbered files, 
and an updated index that you can just replace the old one with. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this file, by the way. There are 
a few things that I want to say about the Cookbook.

1) If I ever find out that anyone has omitted my name from 
anywhere in these files withoutmy expressed permission, then I 
will immediately stop doing any updates and I will release your 
name to as many boards that I can find, urging them to put you on 
their Black List. I also, will FIND YOU! (I think you can see from 
the knowledge base contained in this collection that I DO possess 
the capability! You will wish it were the FEDS and not me!) In 
other words, be careful who you give this collection to. Of, 
course there are idiots (probably the same ones who write 
viruses!) that will misuse this information and kill some people 
or get themselves & you into a lot of trouble! So keep this 
treasure chest buried and only dig it up for those that you can 
TRUST! Also you would be screwing yourself, because I still have 
all kinds of things that I can put in here for updates, and you will 
NEVER see them if I quit updating because of some asshole. So 
think about it. If you WANT the updates (info you would probably 
have a helluva time finding elsewhere!), then STAY COOL with it.

2) I was going to encrypt these files and load/print them from 
within an encrypted program. However, I have decided against that 
for these reasons:

 a) It would then be machine-exclusive
 b) It would show that I don't trust you.
 c) Only Atari ST users would ever see it.

So I decided on keeping it ASCII. ANY machine that can read ASCII 
files can now read these.

3) Please do not use my handle to gain access to boards. you never 
know where I might show up and I will have to find you and deal 
with you if I ever see it. Don't make me do this. 

4) By releasing this database I am taking a real chance on you 
people. I sure as hell don't want MY house blown up with a paint or 
Solidox bomb! And I am sure that you don't want yours blown up 
either (or your credit cards used for tha matter). So I have to 

That is all for now. If I ever have to update this, it will just be 
in the update archive as file 000.doc. Just replace the old one.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=Notes for Version 2.0=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Ok... here it is... long awaited v2.0.... what a bitch it was for me to 
put this shit together. Hell, over 6 months to put the update shit 
together. Anyway, response was cool, nobody fucked with the rulez above. 
I am glad. This allows me to continue the updates. You should find it 
worth the wait.

God, there is so much more to do. As you can probably see, this database 
is getting quite huge. And I have not even begun to tap the resources I 
have available to me. I can easily over the next year or so make this 
thing grow to 1600k or more..... so as long as I DON'T find this on a 
p/d bbs, and I DO see it being spread around the proper channels, as 
LONG as you guys keep bugging me for an update, and finally, as long as 
the rulez above are kept,I shall continue.

What you have in your disk drive right now is some of the most dangerous 
knowledge ever unleashed on the computer underground. Use it wisely. 
The really JUICY stuff will come in Cookbook v3.0, but let's see how 
this one goes across, shall we? The Blotto box should be enough to see 
how responsible you all are.....................

Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy this database! A lot more to come!!! -----------The Jolly Roger

note to all warring pirates and the so-called "groups"
(You know who you are...):

FUCK YOU! You are all assholes. Acting like fucking babies like trading 
software was your fucking life or something. Like you have some big name 
or something. Do you realize that nobody gives a flying fuck about you 
in the real world? I have been a pirate for over 10 years, and have over 
4000 ST programs, over 2000 IBM programs, over 2500 Macintosh programs, 
and over 500 Amiga programs (& I do not even own an Amiga!).... and you 
do not see me kissing ass on the bbs's, or making a deal out of someone 
not "liking" me..... boo-fucking-hoo!! I really do not care. You see, 
the difference between you and me is that I do this for fun. I see no 
other reason to pursue a "hobby" but FOR fun. I hate the fucking 
politics & shit. I give my stuff freely. It all comes back to me.
It just makes me sick when I am on the bbs's and I see these little baby 
games about who did what, and who stole what loader, or re-crack, or 
whatever. I AM AN original pirate. 1st generation. Not anything like you 
baby-shit assholes. Excuse me but I had this boiling in me for a long 
time. The ST world is so small that what little we do have we destroy 
from within. And we blame Jack for it. Fuck, maybe that is the only 
thing we agree on. Anyway, where is the hacking spirit? The giving? The 
free will? Why all of the fucking ego's? It should be obvious by now 
that I have no interest whatsoever in ego-tripping. You can like me or 
hate me. But I will always be here. --------------Jolly Roger

******************** Notes for Version III! *********************

Ah..version III. Well, I never thought for a minute that version 
II would turn out to be so popular! Well, I am proud to announce 
version III, and can assure you that a version IV is in the works! 
As a student, however, I cannot say when it will be ready...but 
what the will be a long time, I am sure, before you run 
out of "toys" to play with.

Lots of interesting new reading for you in this version! A Special 
thanks to CREDITMAN, who lives in the UK and contributed an 
excellent article on carding in the UK. It is great reading.

Now, I would like to say a few words to those who insist on 
yanking my chain (or is it dick?) in the message bases here in the 
U.S.: "Whatever, dudes!" 

Now that was a few words, eh? Ok, I am debating on a new format 
for Cookbook IV...something with easier access. Hell, this index 
idea worked just fine when the cookbook was small, but now it is 
getting quite large and the articles are getting quite 
numerous...and--who knows? My laziness tells me to stick with it. 
I just might do that!

Well, the files spilled over onto two disks, so I figured I would 
include some ST-specific "goodies". They are in a file on disk B 
called "Goodie.Bag" and contain a few rarities and a few 
essentials. Some will find most interesting, most will find some 
interesting, a few may find none interesting. Oh, well.

If anybody has any comments (there always is a few slags--take 
your best shot!) then drop me a line in the usual places that one 
can find me. If you do not know where those places are, then I am 
sorry. It just wasn't meant to be. Ha Ha!

All who oppose me and my ideas and/or the group that I participate 
in can bugger off. Sure, yeah, I steal a lot of things--I am a 
pirate after all. but so do you, and don't forget it. It is 
ridiculous to call a thief a thief when it is a thief doing the 
accusing. Grow up. This Cookbook is done for no other reason but 
to share with EVERYONE ELITE some of the underground and often 
illegal as hell information that I have gathered, researched, and 
labored to locate, type, and write/compose. At least give me 
credit for that. Anyone whom I call asshole deserves it in my eyes 
for only one reason: there is not ONE DAMN THING redeeming that I 
can find to compliment them on!! For example, Automation slagged 
me for the R.C.A Slag Show II, I turned around and told them to 
piss off on that, and then said that their cd's are getting 
better. What kind of "kid" (a 24 year old one) would do that 
anyway? Certainly not the TOI, that's for sure! Oh, well, fuck it 
anyways. We are all going to die in Iraq soon enough anyway....-

Enjoy and spread! Contribute if you can! Information should be 
free (that's why I turned down an offer to publish portions of 
this thing!)!!

                      ----------------------Jolly Roger


[Anarchy] How To Start A Conference

How to Start A Conference w/o 2600hz or M-F         by The Jolly Roger
        (Originally an Apple ][ file, forgive the upper case!)



+ - REMBER TO SAY 213PLUS080 PLUS1100.


[Anarchy] How To Pick Master Combination Locks II

			     Rock'n Roll Harbour
			       [305] 661-8925

  Today's tutorial will be how to pick Master combination locks.  Here's how:

  First turn it clockwise a couple of times to align the disks inside.	Then
apply slight upwards pressure on the shackle with your forefinger while still
turning clockwise.  At a certain point it will pull the shackle down, note the
number at which it happens.  This number plus 5 is the first digit.  Then start
over, and dial the first number as if you were regularly going to open it.
Then turn counter-clock- wise and pass the first number.  Then pull on the
shackle hard and keep turning counter-clockwise.  It will stop at about 12
numbers.  Anyone of these could be the second number, and you have to try them
all.  The last number is found by dialing the first, then second, and then
after the second, keep turning clockwise while pulling up hard.  It will open
at a certain number and that is the third.  It may take a little practice
before you can do it right.  And this method works best with the newer locks.
Right now I can pick one under 2 minutes, and you can too if you practice.

Call The Works BBS - 1600+ Textfiles! - [914]/238-8195 - 300/1200 - Always Open

[Anarchy] How To Pick Master Combination Locks

                      How to Pick Master Combination Locks

    1st number:

              Get out any of the Master locks so you know what's going on.  The
              handle part (the part that springs open when you get the
              combination), pull on it, but not enough so that the knob won't
              move.  While pulling on it turn the knob to the left until it
              won't move any more. Then add 5 to this number. Congradulations,
              you now have the 1st number.

    2nd number:

              Ok, spin the dial around a couple of times, then go to the 1st
              number you got, then turn it to the right, bypassing the 1st
              number once. WHEN you have bypassed. Start pulling the handle and
              turning it.  It will eventually fall into the groove and lock.
              While in the groove pull on it and turn the knob. If it is loose
              go to the next groove; if it's stiff you got the second number.

    3rd number:

              After getting the 2nd, spin the dial, then enter the 2 numbers,
              then after the 2nd, go to the right and at all the numbers pull
              on it.  The lock will eventually open if you did it right. If
              can't do it the first time, be patient, it takes time.  

[Anarchy] How To Obtain An AT&T Calling Card Number

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[				      ]
[   The Extortionist presents:	      ]
[				      ]
[   How to obtain AT&T calling card   ]
[	      numbers		      ]
[				      ]

  Call someone (preferably female) and say:

  "Hello Mr.  xxx, I am [fn] [ln] with AT&T calling card division.  I am calling
because we are having some problems with your AT&T calling card.  Apparently
some of our files got erased and part of the data that got erased was your
calling card number.

  So we need to get your calling card number from you to re-enter it into our

  Try to be really technical, and if the people give you any bullshit about it,
then just say:

  "Let me have my superviser call you back, and talk to you."

  Then nicely end the call, and throw away the number.

  So far, I have obtained 17 credit card numbers using this b.s.  method, and I
intend to get more.....


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[Anarchy] How To Make Free Copies

                         Bad Ass Retards
                     "HOW 2 MAKE FREE COPIES"
                      (on a copying machine)

     Most of us have seen the overpriced copying machines in the
school library or local library.  Well here is a new way to get
more for your money.  Most of the pay copying machines have the
change bin on the side of the machine, you put your 15 cents in,
push the print button and get your single piece of copied paper. 
15 cents may not sound like much, but when you have a big report to
do, you need a lot of stuff to plagiarize!  It adds up, a couple of
bucks worth.
     Well, now get more for your money.  Heres how:

When you put your money in, and then press the print button, do it
this way.  Push the print button, and then instantly push the "coin
eject" button.  If all goes well, you should get you change back,
and a copy.  Sometimes you might screw up, but hey at least you got
your couple of free copies.  Such a great idea.  Give it a try.

Remember, print button and then right away before the machine knows
what you did, coin eject.  Just make sure nobody's looking and
don't pass the idea around.  Because then the whole freaking school
will be doing it and the librarians will get suspicious when there
is a package of paper missing and only 30 cents in the machine.

A BAR. release.
               Courtesy IRIE MAN
concept by Snake